Rave Kratom White Dragon | Kratom Extract

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Rave Kratom’s White Dragon is a thrill for your taste buds. Packed with 140mg of pure Mitragynine and the natural flavor of peach and berry, your experience will be enjoyable time and time again. While White Dragon Kratom is predominantly known for its stimulating effects, it can also provide feelings of euphoria, mental clarity and an uplifted mood. White Dragon is a favored strain for those seeking a natural and invigorating boost.

  • 140mg of Mitragynine (120mit)
  • Naturally Flavored (Peach Berry)
  • Water-based extract for higher purity
  • 2 servings per shot
  • 15ml, full-spectrum
  • Made with an 80% strength mitragynine extract
  • Lab tested

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