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MIT 45 White Vein Kratom Capsules are the perfect introduction to premium kratom. The white-veined leaves are harvested while young and tender for a light and uplifting experience. White vein capsules may be perfect if you’re also looking for a natural energy experience and don’t want to deal with mixing kratom powder into a tea or health drink. White vein kratom is also a popular recommendation for people who are trying kratom for the first time.


White vein kratom comes from kratom harvested earlier in the tree’s development when the leaves are still white. This early harvest changes the alkaloid content of the leaves, with many users reporting more energetic, uplifting effects.

With any raw leaf product, it’s impossible to control the exact concentration of mitragynine, but Mit 45’s white vein kratom powders typically have about 1.3-1.8% mitragynine content. Each capsule contains 500mg of filler-free, raw leaf kratom.

  • 100% White Vein Kratom Capsules
  • Light & Uplifting Feel
  • Consistent & Easy—Guaranteed
  • Farm-to-Bottle Sourcing
  • GMP-Compliant for Safety

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125 Capsules, 250 Capsules


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